can be your professional camera on
your mobile phone.

You can make your own photo effects and filters.
Your precious moment can be even more brightened.

  • Are you a photographer?

    You can make people happier with your photos. Why don't you share your professional experiences as well as the stories of your photos? Your photo will be an UCL and inspire someone else's life. Your artistic sensitivity will magically reflect on others' photos

  • People with the same feelings and emotions as yours

    There is a lot of pictures and various emotions in Starpics. It is time to share stories and techniques contained in photos. Your experience can affect other photographers. Other professionals enlighten your creativity. You can meet the others with various stories of photos.

  • Do you have your own mobile phone?

    Learn new ways to enjoy your photos. Watch photos, make a lookbook and apply filters to your own photos. You can take great photos like a professional.

  • One photo, One million lights

    Your moments twinkles with your pictures. Let yourself fall into the magic that the light makes. Fill the shining moments with more lights. Find the brightest light that makes your moments most beautiful.

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Does your photo look better today? Find out the reason in Starpics.

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